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Training & Development System for Federal Government Employees


Training in the federal government is one of the drivers of developing human capital that is dependent on enhancing the level of employee competency. Training and development in its modern concept is an integrated framework and strategic choice in the system and development of human resources, which the federal government pursue to meet the challenges of the changing work requirements. As training leads to the transfer of technical and practical knowledge, to enable the government employee and the federal entity to cope with challenges imposed by the acceleration of knowledge within the work environment.

Therefore, based on the mandated responsibility of the Authority, which was drafted by Federal Law Decree No. (11) for the year 2008 on the Government Human Resources, the Authority has prepared this system based on the latest administrative practices in this field, believing it is necessary to grant comprehensive development opportunities to all the workforce employed in the federal government, with the desire to relegalize all objectives, in accordance with the strategic plans with efficiency that ensures a constant improvements on performance, and to eliminate the gap between the current performance and the desired target.

Which is defined and addressed by the performance management system, which contributes to the identification of the actual training needs, and the selection of the best forms of training that will achieve current and future objectives of the entity. This system is also linked to the outputs of the performance management system, which is an input to this system in terms of employee development in all behavioral, professional and scientific aspects.

For informations about the latest training programs concerning federal government employees, please visit the :

Al-Mawrid E-Learning Portal 


No. Title Size PDF

Cabinet Resolution No (11) for 2012 Endorsing Training and Development System for Federal Government employees

1.5MB Download  -
2 The Guiding Manual for the procedures of Training and Development System 1.51MB Download -
3 Training & Development System 1.06MB Download -
4 Training and Development System - Individual Development Plan 778KB Download  
5 Individual Development Plan 294KB Download Download
6 Questionnaire on Training Effectiveness   457KB  Download Download
7 Manual of Training based on Behavioral Competencies 762KB Download -
8 Matrix of Training Programs Based Upon Specialized Competencies 917KB Download Download
9 Questions and Answers Related to Training and Development System for Federal Government Employees 734KB Download -
10 The Federal Government Employees’ Guide to UseTraining and Development Systems 6.44MB Download
11 The Federal Government Training Officers’ Guide to Use Training and Development Systems 2.90MB Download  


Forms of Training and Development System:

No. Title Size PDF
1 Annual Training & Development Plan
Download Download
2 Form No. (1) Staff Questionnaire on Analysis and Development of Training Needs
Form No. (2) Description Card for Solution or Training Patterns
Download Download
Form No. (3) Registration for Training   Download Download
Form No. (4) Assessment of Trainee performance   Download Download
Form No. (5) Request for Study Leave   Download Download
Form No. (6) Notice of interruption of Study Leave   Download Download
8 Form No. (7) Job Rotation Agreement   Download Download
9 Form No. (8) Supervisory Agreement   Download Download
10 Form No. (9) The Applied Tasks / Special Projects Agreement   Download Download
11 Form no. (10) Supervisory Agreement   Download Download
12 Reporting Template of School Holidays   Download Download
13 Model Report on numbers of Seconded individual & Participants at Conferences and Seminars   Download Download
14 Form No. (D) : Report Form on Seconded Personnel Number   Download Download
15 Form No. (11) Job Shadowing Agreement   Download Download


The role of the authority in implementation:

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources has prepared the training and development system and has delivered workshops on how the system will be applied and implemented to all federal entities. It is the responsibility of the Authority to provide the necessary support for the success of implementing the system through:

  • Holding of educational and acceleration workshops,
  • Ensuring that the system is properly implemented through field visits,
  • Provide continuous support in the implementation of the system, its different phases and answer all queries

To view the latest training programs for federal government employees through the portal "Maaref"                              







Team Members:

Norah AlMulla   
04-2319153 Executive Training Policies and Continuing Education HRtraining@fahr.gov.ae
Fatima Al Jesmi  04-2319123 Head of  Government Training Policies & Continued Education HRtraining@fahr.gov.ae