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Privileges Program for Federal Government Employees "Imtiyazat"

The Federal Government Employees' Privileges Program "Imtiyazat " is one of the strategic motivational initiatives of Federal Authority of Government Human Resources, that was launched in 2011 for the federal government employees and their families.

Circular No (31) for the year 2012 Regarding the Launching of "Imtiyazat" Initiative for Federal Government Employees 

Imtiyazat is one of the largest privileges program for the employees of the UAE federal government. FAHR took the initiative to coordinates with the private sector institutions and companies in order to provide special discounts and benefits to federal government employees and their families.

Imtiyazat Objectives :

Through Imtiyazat FAHR aims to support and motivate federal government employees, raise the levels of satisfaction, harmony, career happiness and institutional loyalty, which will improve their productivity & help to achieve UAE vision and federal government HR strategy.

Imtiyazat Privileges:

Imtiyazat initiative seeks to cover all business and service sectors across the UAE to achieve inclusiveness and acquire the best benefits to the federal government employees. Currently it is covering the following range of sectors:   

▪      Health

▪      Hotels 

▪      Travel and Tourism

▪      General Trading  

▪      Halls and Restaurants 

▪      Logistic Services  

▪      Cars

▪      Jewellery

▪      Sports

Imtiyazat Smart Application:

To enforce Imtiyazat initiative, FAHR has developed a smart application that enables users - anytime, anywhere - to view (list of companies, Addresses, discounts, latest offers and how to redeem it).

This program is sponsored and supported by:

▪      National Bonds Corporation 

▪     Commercial Bank of Dubai 

▪      Etisalat 

▪      OSN Corporate

Imtiyazat Smart App is available in both Languages (Arabic and English) , available on (iOS & Android) and can be downloaded from (App Store & Google Play stores).

All services available in the Imtiyazat Smart App is governed by the terms and conditions set by the vendors. To read the terms and conditions click here

▪      To view Imtiyazat brochure & to learn how to download Imtiyazat Smart App & benefit from Imtiyazat offers, please click here  

▪      For "Imtiyazat" Monthly Newsletter, pleas click here

▪      For companies and institutions wishing to join the "Imtiyazat" initiative, please click here

▪      For Feedback and Suggestions about "Imtiyazat" initiative, please click here