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FAHR Smart App

Alternate Text

FAHR Smart Application has been lunched during year 2014. The App includes a package of HR Services and Systems in Federal Government. The most prominent service is the Human Resources Information Management System "Bayanati", including Self-Services, a network of Federal Government employees, Federal Government Jobs and a set of electronic services such as: Requesting Technical Support on HR Systems, seeking Legal Advice, Reviewing and approving organizational structures, Reviewing Job Descriptions, Requesting Training on Human Resources Legislation and Systems, Requesting Benchmarking, Requesting Technical Support for the Government Skills Bank Portal, Accessing Training initiatives for Federal Government employees and Registering Preferred Training partners in the Federal Government.

FAHR Smart App Features & Services

  • Available to all federal government employees and customers of the Authority, in both Arabic and English, around the clock
  • Self-completion of all HR Procedures
  • Provides Technical Support Services
  • Leave Management Request and Approval
  • Updating Personal Documents and Data in "Bayanati" System
  • View Time Attendance Reports History
  • Record Missed Time Attendance
  • Candidacy for the Rewards and Incentives System
  • Request to issue a Business Card
  • Register Covid-19 Results and Vaccinations
  • Digital Signature on Contracts and Ministerial Decisions
  • Create Probation Objectives for new employees
  • Request to Work Remotely on Friday
  • Search for Vacancies in the Federal Government
  • Sending Appreciation e-Card “Ma Qassart”
  • Registration in Training Courses through the Training System
  • View Employee's Dashboard
  • View Direct Manager's Dashboard
  • View Leaves Balance
  • Request “To Whom it May Concern” Letter and get it in less than a minute
  • Communicate with employees of ministries and federal entities using the Employee Network Service
  • Setting performance evaluation goals for all stages and following them up
  • View the monthly Salary Payslip
  • Issuance of a Salary Certificate

Download FAHR Smart App

To download FAHR Smart Application, please choose your mobile store from the following online stores:‎

Support & Assistance

To request for technical support and assistance, please request the service from: