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2019 Circulars

Circular Number Description Size PDF
15 Circular No (15) for 2019 On Islamic New Year 1440 holiday 158KBDownload
14Circular No (14) for 2019 Consultative Workshop with federal entities on updating provisions of HR Law and its Executive Regulations 166KBDownload
13Circular No (13) for 2019 Eid al -Adha holiday, 1440 AH153KBDownload
12Circular No (12) for 2019 Eid al -Fitr holiday, 1440 Hijri 158KBDownload
11Circular No (11) for 2019 Regarding Official Working Hours in the month of Ramadan 1440 Hijri158KBDownload
10Circular No (10) for 2019 UAE Public and Private Holidays schedule 2019/2020, approved as per Cabinet Resolution (47 / 1) for 2019503KBDownload
09Circular No (09) for 2019 Implementation of Ministerial Development Council‘s Resolution No (1/3) for 2019 regarding integration of Federal HR Metrics & Payroll426KBDownload
08Circular No (08) for 2019 Workshop on implementation of Cabinet Resolution No (4/2 ) of 2019, adjusting status of employees who obtained university degrees while working for the Federal Government 616KBDownload
07Circular No (07) for 2019 Training Workshop on Succession Planning Framework 327KBDownload
06Circular No (06) for 2019 On launch of the new Government Skills Bank Portal at the Federal Government level508KBDownload