About the service

The initiative aims to develop the employees’ knowledge, skills and capabilities, so that they can cope with the rapidly changing needs of global labor market by receiving reliable electronic training, at any time, and from anywhere in the world

The process

Conditions & Requirements

To Register in Service:

  1. The user should be Employee in the Ministries and Federal Government Entities.
  2. Customer Happiness System (CHS) Training.
  3. User Manual (available on the website and Customer Happiness System).

To use the system by the Customer:

  1. Enter the Customer Happiness System CHS.
  2. Enter user name (Employee Number).
  3. Enter Password (Employee need to assign a new password on first try).

Service Requirements

  1. Requirements for using the service through the website: www.almawrid.ae
  2. Communicate with a Al Mawrid support team: 04 - 231 9141 | 04 - 231 9153 | 04 - 231 9123 | Phone Inquiry Timing : From 7:30 am - 3:30 pm

Frequently asked questions

Service completion duration

2 working days

Service Fees


Service Channels

  1. FAHR website
  2. Customer Happiness System CHS

Target audience

Federal government employee

Service Classification


No. of Service Surfers / Users

For assistance, get in touch through

Call: 600525524

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