This page features a description of the most important components of the website of Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR).

About the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources:

This section contains general information about the Authority, its functions and strategic objectives, as well as the most important initiatives launched in the Federal Government.

Legislation and Guidelines:

On Legislation and Guidelines page, you can view the Federal Government’s HR Law,its Executive Regulation,the Cabinet Resolutions issued on Human Resources in the Federal Government,and the most prominent Human Resources Systems Applied In The Federal Government, together with their Guidelines, the page also contains a section on FAQs received by the Authority.

Electronic Services:

This page contains a list of key services offered by the Authority to the ministries and federal entities, private companies and the public. You can view on this page The Federal Authority For The Government Human Resources Service Catalogue, and The Service Level Agreements (SLAs) Guideline in the Federal Authority for Government Resources Human.

Media Corner:

The Media Corner page allows visitors to learn about the Authority’s Latest News and Events Highlights , and FAHR Publications including the Monthly HR Magazine. The page also includes a special section on the Authority’s Official Speaker and Media Coordinator .You can download the images of the Authority’s officials and slogans of initiatives via download our Media Assets page.

Open Data:

On this page you will find a number of files and links containing data featured on the Authority website. Which users can download and reuse in open data format. You will also find a series of Studies, prepared by the Authority on Human Resources in the Federal Government, Open Data usage Policy.

Digital Participation:

The Digital Participation page offers a wide range of options, including: visit the Authority’s Blog  to view the content, browse The Authority’s Accounts on Social Networking Sites, and Communicate With the Director General of the Authority, view the Authority’s Digital Participation Policy, and review the Results of Opinion Polls conducted by the Authority periodically.

Search & Advanced Search:

Search & Advanced Search Search is another way to help you access the information you want. In addition to typing the search term in the custom box at the top of the page, you can use the advanced search feature to search a specific sector of the site such as services, open data, etc. You can search the latest news, events and workshops organized by the Authority.

Contact Us:

When you visit the Contact Us page, you will find a list of the Authority’s phone numbers and a site map.

The page provides visitors with a list of all channels of communication with the Authority.

Other Means of Assistance:

The Authority website contains functions that help the user to browse the site easily and enable him to share information with others using methods for providing assistance on each page:

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Flash Tools:

The Authority website uses flash tools to make it more attractive and easier to use. For best results, please install Flash Player.

Acrobat Reader:

Most of the website content is in PDF format, so we suggest using program (Acrobat Reader).

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