Objectives & Duties and Responsibilities


The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) strives for the development of the UAE Federal Government human resources sector by means of implementing the most up-to-date concepts alongside world- class HR management best practices and standards.   

Duties and Responsibilities

FAHR is endowed with authority to assume HR management related public responsibilities. Hence, it shall undertake the following actions, among others, to attain its objectives:

  • Give due consideration to and make proposals for new policies and legislation relative to the Federal Government human resources.
  • Manage the Federal Government staff performance system and the training and development system.
  • Consider objections to the Grievance Committee decisions in accordance with the HR Law and its implementing regulation.
  • Provide support to the Government sector for the adequate implementation of human resources legislation.
  • Ensure the compliance of Federal Ministries and entities with the Human Resources Law, its implementing regulation and the complementary legislation and regulations thereof.
  • Liaise with the Government sector with regard to the financial and administrative implications resulting from the restructuring process.
  • Enhance the concepts of institutional culture rooted in the stimulation of skill development and encouraging distinctive ideas proposals.
  • Track the implementation of the principles of public office Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct document.
  • Develop training policies that can secure the retainment of trained and qualified human resources, particularly UAE nationals.
  • Develop a comprehensive digital HR system that can ensure the availability of comprehensive Government sector HR data and support decision-making.
  • Build partnerships with local, regional and international HR agencies and institutions for knowledge and best practice sharing.
  • Implement the Federal Government Workforce planning system.
  • Propose official holidays as per the provisions of the law and the Council of Ministers’ decisions.
  • Carry out any other missions assigned to FAHR by the Distinguished UAE Cabinet.   
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