Open Data Usage Policy

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources is keen to provide data that can be used and benefited by segments of developers, researchers, media professionals and the public, to raise and enhance the level of general and specialized knowledge. Also, to define the competencies and tasks of the authority specified in accordance with the laws and regulations in force in this regard, in compliance with the principles of cooperation and encouragement of electronic participation of government and non-government entities. It enables them to benefit from and use the published data as needed, considering the requirements of the legal policy, such as preserving rights, as the open data contains files that include the various data of the authority in the field of human resources, including many statistics.

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources is committed to the terms of The Guideline for Open data in the UAE Smart Government published on the official Portal of the Government.

We are pleased to explain the terms and conditions relating to the use of Open Data provided by FAHR and clarify the criteria for using that data.

Definition of Open Data of the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources:

Public data available in a reproducible format for all users of the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources website, to help enrich the content, enhance participation and raise the level of knowledge and awareness of the topics presented to users and researchers, provided that these data fall within the jurisdiction of the Authority, so that they are organized the process of using it for a policy regarding the use of open data, copyright legislation, and property conservation.

However, the Open Data of the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources is available to its website visitors, and any individual can use it freely, without technical, financial or legal restrictions, as well as reuse and publish it.

Policy Objective :

The policy aims to set controls and standards for organizing the process of copying and using open data by site users, as the Authority occasionally publishes data, including (information, studies, numbers and statistics) in the form of open files; for the convenience of customers, readers and researchers and to enable them to employ such data systematically, as well as to disseminate knowledge and enhance electronic content in search engines.

Field of Application :

This document is concerned with the open data available on the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources Website, and its scope can also be expanded according to the dictates of the general policy of the Emirates e-government and the relevant instructions from the competent authorities.

Governance of the use of Open Data:

Federal Authority for Government Human Resources is committed to providing important open data related to its services and activities, and is keen to update it continuously. It ensures governance of the use of open data through:

  • Publication of the data in its initial raw form as much as possible.
  • Providing access to data without any obstacles or requests for registration.
  • Providing open data and making it available in a form suitable for technical use.
  • Publication of data in editable and truncated file formats by “cut-paste” and downloadable.
  • Enabling customers to evaluate the open data available on the website.
  • Urging users to mention that The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources is the source of such data in order to maintain its ownership of the data, and to confirm its credibility and the validity of its source.

Terms and Conditions :

Accessing this site means that you agree to and accepted all the terms and conditions set forth here in :

  • In case of using or re-publishing any data, reference should be made to the copyrights of the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) and to the source of the data FAHR Website.
  • These terms and conditions regulating the use of FAHR website shall apply to all visitors and users of the website and the use may be suspended, banned or terminated. Users shall be held accountable for any violation to usage terms and conditions laid down in the laws and regulations of the United Arab Emirates concerning information security and intellectual property rights.
  • Users must refrain from violating or attempting to violate the procedures and regulations in force by copying or re-using the data published on the website in any form whatsoever.

The Responsibility of the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources :

FAHR publishes the open data on its website and does not undertake that there are no notes on it, as this data is according to what was received from it by government agencies or according to what resulted from providing its services. FAHR does not guarantee the continuity of providing this data, and does not bear take responsibility towards its users, and any harm or loss that they may suffer due to re-use this data.

The Responsibility of the Data user :

The open data user is responsible for re-using the data available on the Authority’s website for any purpose whatsoever, and the Authority is not responsible for any consequence resulting from the use of the content of this data, whether it is related to the content of the data, its source, date or other. Unless there is a previous permit from the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources.

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