FAHR receives 11,400 support requests during the first quarter of 2024

21 May 2024

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) has announced recently that it received, during the first quarter of the current year, nearly 11,400 support requests provided through the “Customer Happiness System” and the unified call center, which are witnessing great interaction from customers in general and federal government employees in particular.

FAHR receives 11,400 support requests during the first quarter of 2024

Meitha Kolthoum, Director of Strategy and Future Department at FAHR, stated that both the “Customer Happiness System”, emanating from the FAHR’s website and the unified call center (600525524), constitute the first reference for customers and FAHR alike, and have witnessed great interaction over the recent years.

She reassured that the number of support requests received through the “Customer Happiness System” during the first quarter of 2024 reached to nearly 3,500 requests. The system’s completed transactions had a 93% customer happiness rate. In addition, 7,800 calls were placed to the unified call center during the same period, with a 99% response rate.

Meitha pointed out that the number of transactions received during the first quarter of this year decreased by 30%, compared to the same period last year. This is because FAHR launched a group of transformational projects, such as developing the new interface for the “Bayanati” system, improving the user experience, and developing FAHR’s services system, enhanced with generative artificial intelligence, which contributed to providing proactive services and automated and real-time responses to customers’ inquiries and requests, without the need to refer to the FAHR’s support service staff.

She stated that most of the calls received through the unified call center focused on the human resources information management system in the federal government “Bayanati”, “Jahiz” platform for the future of government talent, and the human resources law in the federal government and its executive regulations.

She stated that the rate of compliance with solving the requests received through the “Customer Happiness System” completed 99.8% and that most requests provided through the System focused on issues of (requesting support in using electronic human resources systems under the umbrella of “Bayanati”, requesting legal consultations and reviewing and approving organizational structures).

Interactive Platform to Provide E-Services

FAHR launched the “Customer Happiness System” in 2019 as part of its ongoing efforts to facilitate interactions with customers and enhance their satisfaction levels by providing an interactive electronic platform that encompasses all the services offered to them.

The System is interactive, where it allows customers to evaluate the services provided to them, provide feedback, and submit constructive suggestions that FAHR can benefit from and take into consideration for the improvement of the system and the enhancement of the quality of offered services.

The “Customer Happiness System” serves as a comprehensive electronic gateway through which FAHR provides the necessary support to its customers regarding the operation and maintenance of all electronic human resources systems under the umbrella of the Federal Government’s Human Resources Information Management System “Bayanati”. It also provides many interactive services, especially those provided by the smart application “FAHR”, including inquiries about federal government human resources policies and legislation, requests for training on human resources legislation and systems, the service for reviewing and approving organizational structures in federal entities, benchmarking services, job description reviews, government skills bank services, and services related to disseminating knowledge about human resources in the federal government.

It also reflects FAHR’s keenness to provide the best services to its customers, investing in the best modern and innovative means, aiming to make it easier for them, save time and effort, and thus raise their levels of satisfaction and happiness with its services and the methods of providing them.

Exclusive Login with digital ID

Last March, FAHR announced accreditation of digital ID “UAE Pass” as an exclusive means to login “Customer Happiness System” with the aim of facilitation for the federal government employees and customers. It also circulated a detailed guide of the steps of login the System by using the digital ID.

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