FAHR launches its New Application…a proactive experience that enriches the employee’s digital journey

17 May 2024

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) has recently launched the updated version of its smart application “FAHR,” which provides a new set of integrated services and benefits to customers and federal government employees to enable them to complete all human resources procedures quickly and easily through rich, interactive, simplified digital journeys.

FAHR launches its New Application…a proactive experience that enriches the employee’s digital journey

This comes in conjunction with the Authority’s launch of its updated website in accordance with the unified design system approved in the United Arab Emirates, one of the initiatives of the Communications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority, which ensures the benefits of ease, effectiveness and consistency in use experiences across all electronic platforms of ministries and federal entities.

The application is an extraordinary leap in the world of Human Resources

H.E Laila Obaid Al Suwaidi, Director General of FAHR, confirmed that the launch of the innovative and updated version of the Authority’s smart application comes as part of the continuous investment in efforts to modernize the human resources system by activating advanced technology, out of the Authority’s keenness to raise the level of services of the federal government employees and the public customers.

Mrs. Al Suwaidi pointed out that the new application is considered an extraordinary leap that enriches the experience of those dealing with the Authority in terms of form and content, including simplifying and shortening human resources procedures, zeroing bureaucracy, enhancing productivity and raising the efficiency of operational processes, and a translation of the vision and directives of the wise leadership centered around developing an innovative government system which enhances customer confidence in government services and meets their aspirations by involving them in designing services and setting development priorities.

She explained that the updated version of FAHR’s smart application, which was first launched in 2014, includes an integrated set of services consisting of more than 38 main services, developed by using the best programming languages and artificial intelligence technology, where federal government employees can complete all human resources procedures by themselves, around the clock and from anywhere. It has witnessed great interaction from side of the federal government employees who implemented more than 950,000 procedures related to human resources through the updated application, which was downloaded nearly 170,000 times.

The website is an extraordinary leap

Regarding the updates to the website www.fahr.gov.ae, H.E Laila Al Suwaidi said: “The Authority is one of the first federal entities to apply the unified design system on its electronic platforms, where it deepened on the standards of the Communications Regulatory Authority and the Digital Government and adopted the feedbacks of customers and partners and the results of User Experience Lab”.

Mrs. Al Suwaidi confirmed that the new updates reflect the Authority’s identity and are in line with the UAE’s orientations towards digital transformation, adding that the website provides an easy experience for users, including simplified and attractive content. She spoke highly of the website design system that will unify the digital presence of federal government agencies and enhance the UAE’s prestigious position on the global indicators in the field of providing government services and in line with the UAE government’s promise for future services.

AI Smart Assistant

Asem Al Awadhi, Director of the Human Resources Information System Department at the Authority, confirmed that the most important feature of the new “FAHR” application is: (the creation of a GAI smart virtual assistant to respond to all customer inquiries related to the work of the Authority, and the human resources regulations, policies, and legislation in the federal government, whether via text chatting or voice recording).

Mr. Al Awadhi stated that the application focuses on designing services that meet the needs of customers and employing the latest artificial intelligence technologies to provide them, such as completing the stages of the performance management system cycle for the employee and the line officer. The main application screen also contains the most important indicators for employees and officers such as: (leave, time attendance, and performance assessment, etc.).

He said that the new FAHR application provides several services, including: (seeing the employee’s family members, CV, languages that the employee masters, employment data, salary details, details of insurance against unemployment, etc.). In addition, the new application is easy to download and its size is less than one half of the size of the old application.

Mr. Al Awadhi urged customers to download the updated version of the smart application to benefit from its new services and features, especially those related to completing personal human resources procedures, as they have become faster and easier and can be completed in fewer steps, considering their needs and directions regarding use. He pointed out that the application is available through the Apple Store, Google Play, and Huawei AppGallery.

Unified service platform

Mr. Asem Al Awadhi pointed out that more than 40 ministries and federal entities benefit directly from the services provided by the smart “FAHR” application, especially the services related to the smart human resources systems and procedures in the federal government. Thus, it stands as a unified smart platform that enables employees to complete all their human resources procedures by themselves, through their mobile devices, without any need to refer to the human resources departments in their organizations.

Ongoing development

He pointed out that the Authority is continuously working on development of its smart application, converting its main and subsidiary services to smart ones and make them available through the application. This comes as part of its endeavors to automate all government services and turn them into smart to make it easier for customers and give them a smooth and unique experience.

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