Future Government Talents

Future Government Talents

“Jahiz” is one of the major transformational projects launched by the UAE government. With the aim of enhancing the
readiness of federal government talents and supporting them with future skills. ” Jahiz ” initiative, through its
digital platform, offers a specialized journey to develop four groups of skills most closely related to the future
directions of government work. These skills include: (Digital Skills, Data and AI Skills, New Economy Skills and 10X

Digital Skills:

Digitalization has transformed our lives on many levels and its application on government work has numerous benefits
through utilizing various technologies such as Blockchain, cloud computing programming, web 3.0, and the Metaverse.

Data and AI Skills:

The Fourth Industrial Revolution contributes in creating a competitive national economy that is based on knowledge
and innovation. Hence, it is essential to build talent capabilities around current and future technologies.

New Economy Skills:

The new economy is one that is built on harnessing new technologies as a core capability. Such an approach has a
direct and indirect impact on our lives and the environment.

10X Skills:

These are the skills of accelerating and multiplying the effect of projects and initiatives. As the world around us
rapidly changes, it becomes critical for us to ensure keeping up with that change using an arsenal of agile and
innovative measures.

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