FAHR transfers knowledge to 5 Government Entities

22 May 2024

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) transferred a summary of its successful experiences, knowledge and expertise in the field of human capital development and empowerment to five local and federal government entities during the month of April only. One of these entities is the Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs, where it reviewed FAHR’s best practices in the field of managing and following up on institutional performance.

FAHR transfers knowledge to 5 Government Entities

FAHR briefed a team from the Ministry of Health and Prevention on the Human Resources Information Management System of the Federal Government “Bayanati,” and some of the systems and services associated with it. It also briefed another team from Dubai Government Human Resources Department on federal human resources legislation and policies, and some practices applicable at the level of FAHR relating to development and advancement of human capital.

Meanwhile, FAHR also transferred knowledge to a delegation from the Human Resources Department of Ajman Government regarding employment patterns and flexibility of work types in the federal government. It also transferred knowledge to the Dubai Media Incorporated (DMI) team regarding the best practices applicable across the federal government, in the field of succession planning.
In this context, Maitha Kolthoum, Director of the Strategy and Future Department at FAHR, pointed out that FAHR had transferred knowledge to dozens of governmental and private institutions and entities inside and abroad during the past years. She added that FAHR received several requests from institutions wishing to make benchmarking with FAHR to learn about its experience in the field of human resources empowerment and development of the institutional work system at level of the federal government.

Ms. Kolthoum stressed that FAHR is keen to exchange the best successful global experiences, practices and expertise in the field of human resources with government and private institutions, in a way that contributes to developing the tools of the work system in the federal government, raising the levels of productivity of ministries and federal entities, and enhancing the attractiveness of the work environment in them, the matter that has been repeatedly stressed by the wise leadership of the state.

Maitha Kolthoum called on entites and institutions wishing to learn about FAHR’s best practices and expertise to benefit from the “Benchmarking Service” provided by FAHR for free, by applying for the service through the Customer Happiness System available on FAHR’s website www.fahr.gov.ae, which constitutes an interactive electronic portal that includes all the services provided by FAHR to the customers.

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