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Job Description and Evaluation Policy in the Federal Government

An Introduction about the system:

From the effort of the Government of the United Arab Emirates to be one of the best countries in the world by 2021, through the provision of high-quality and excellence services to its customers. Comes the task of managing government human resources, as a key driver in the creation of technical and administrative cadres in accordance with international standards, within enhanced legislation and regulations and through best practices in the area of human resources. To stimulate the role of the Federal Authority For Government Human Resources in the development of human resources in the federal government, through the development of legislation, policies, regulations, and programs in accordance with global best practices, and to provide all forms of support to the federal ministries and entities, to better utilize and enhance its human resources to achieve its goals and to ensure that the strategy of the Government of the United Arab Emirates is being materialized.The Council of Ministers Resolution No. (28) of 2013 on the espousal of the system of evaluation of job descriptions in the federal government as a culmination of these efforts. The Federal Authority For Government Human Resources issued the first version of the guidelines manual, for the preparation and revision of the job evaluation and descriptions in the federal government. This comes as an extension of the efforts exerted by the authority in enabling and facilitating of human resources management in the federal ministries and entities. Also the authority is supporting specialists, human resources practitioners, in the interpretation and application of the legislation and regulations of human resources in the federal government, and building a culture of focus on customers to promote government efficiency. The guideline manual also represent an important reference for all those involved in this regard and, as a practical tool that depends on the approved system, which is based on the best of modern practices, so that the federal ministries/entities are able to evaluate its jobs descriptions in an ideal manner that is reflected positively on the efficiency and performance of the federal government sector.

Documents of Job Description and Evaluation Policy:





1 Cabinet Resolution No (28) for 2013 Endorsing  Job Evaluation & Description System in the Federal Government   176KB Download  -
2 Job Description and Evaluation Policy in the Federal Government  1.47MB Download
3 Guideline for Development and Review of Job Description and Evaluation of Federal Government Jobs  1.36MB Download
4 Job Description Form  137KB --
5 Guidelines for qualifications and experience of job descriptions 330KB Download 
6 Circular No (10) for 2017 On the need to comply with approved job titles and organizational structures 188KB Download -
7 Job Descriptions Cards approved by the Federal Commission for Job Evaluation   View