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Performance Management System for the employees of Federal Government


Performance Management system (EPMS):

Performance Management is a practical translation of all planning stages in the government entity, and is not a goal in itself, but rather a means to achieve the goal of "results".

It is a process through which the employee’s performance is evaluated in comparison with the main objectives and KPIs, which are agreed upon by the employee and his direct supervisor for the period during which the evaluation takes place. It shall be specified at the beginning of the evaluation period and be subject to continuous updating during the performance period.

The system which was developed by the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) comes in line with modern administrative concepts that the government seeks to implement, and in execution of the texts of human resources legislations in the federal government.

The system was issued for the first time in 2012, and two years later, FAHR automated the system and converted it into electronic form through the Federal Government’s Human Resources Information Management System called "Bayanati”.

The Performance Management System for federal government employees applies to all employees regardless of the type and duration of the contract.

Annual Session for the Performance Management System

Annual Session for the Performance Management System

Performance Management System Documentation

No Title Size Download
1 Cabinet Resolution No. 35 of 2020 on the Adoption of Performance Management System for Federal Government Employees 1.00MB Download
2 Cabinet Resolution No (24) of 2017 for amending certain provisions of Cabinet Resolution No (12) of 2012 endorsing Performance Management System for Federal Government employees
85KB Download
3 Employee Performance Management System 3.03MB Download
4 The Guiding Manual for Federal Government Employees Performance Management 1.11MB Download
5 Behavioural Competency Framework 2.70MB Download
6 Professional Competencies of Federal Government Employees 2.11MB Download
7 First Stage Setting Objectives and Behavioural Competences - PMS 1.19MB Download
8 Frequently Asked Questions about the Performance Management System 462KB Download
9 Performance Management System for Federal Government Employees 2020 2.19MB Download