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Technical Support Request Service


Services provided by FAHR to support the federal government entities by answering their inquiries and remarks related to HR E-procedures and receiving the technical support requests related to Bayanati systems, including the following systems along with any other systems to be added subsequently to the platform: notifications system, unified call center, smart application, users account management, workforce planning system, Bayanati website, attendance system, IRecuritment system and Business Intelligence system

HR departments at the federal government entities



To register:

  • The user should be Federal Government or Autonomous Authorities, employee
  • The user should be registered in bayanati
  • Username should be activated by the HR department of the entity

To use the system by the Customer:

  • Enter username and Password
  • Determine the type of the required service
  • Explain the issue or problem
  • Send a support request including inquiry description and attachments (if any).

Procedures after registration

  • The user chooses the support form including inquiry description and attachments (if any)
  • Bayanati first level of support reviews the request
  • The first level of support resolve the issue if possible and notify the user via email or mobile notification
  • If any further clarification is requested, 1st level of support will be requesting the user for additional information
  • If the 1st level of support were unable to resolve the issue, the ticket will be transferred to the 2nd level of support
  • 2nd level of support will review the ticket and resolve it accordingly if possible and close the ticket
  • If the 2nd level of support analysis results found that the request was a new feature or service, the ticket will be transferred to the development department for further planning and execution
  • The user can track his request at any time
  • Once the request is closed, an email or notification will be sent to inform the user

The previous procedures period is govern in accordance with the Service Level Agreement document signed with the entity

Service Requirements through Service Desk (BMC Remedy):

  1. Federal Government Employee in Bayanati should have “User name and Password for Remedy System”
  2. BMC Remedy Training
  3. User Manual (available in the website and in BMC Remedy Service Desk)

Service Requirements through FAHR SMART Application :

  1. Fill Support Form in SMART APP
  2. The form will be automatically transferred to an incident in Service Desk Electronic System

Service Requirements through Call Center :

  1. Once the user call the Call center number, the information of the caller (Gov Employee) will appear to Support Officer
  2. The request with all information of the caller will be registered as an incident in the Service Desk system automatically through the integration between the two systems

Service Requirements through FAHR Website :

  1. Fill Support Form in SMART APP
  2. Service Desk office will receive an email
  3. The form will be automatically transferred to an incident in Service Desk Electronic System

Service Requirements through Email:

  1. Send Email to Service Desk
  2. Service Desk office will create an incident in Service Desk Electronic System

Bayanati English WF

Service Classification


Service Priority


Service Mandatory


Average time to obtain the service

Technical support: critical: 7 working hours, High: 14 working hours, medium: 21 working hours, and normal 35 hours. 


Arabic / English

No. of Service Surfers / Users

Service Surfers : 6792

Actual Service Users : 78

Communication Channels

Call Center : 600525524
Phone Inquiry Timing :7.30 am – 2.30 pm
Customer Happiness System (CRM)
Email: Bayanati@fahr.gov.ae
FAHR Smart App
Live Chat

Service Rating