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Government Skills Bank

The idea of the Government Skills Bank initiative launched by the Federal Government for Government Human Resources (FAHR) in 2018 identify Federal Government employees with special experience and skills, and electronically documenting the findings through the project’s electronic portal (skillsbank.fahr.gov.ae).

The purpose behind creating the Government Skills Bank is to assist and empower federal entities to benefit from the professional knowledge and expertise of specialists in various fields and disciplines related to the Authority’s function, exploit their experience in developing the institutional work system in the Federal Government and establish a knowledge management culture.

The Government Skills Bank acts as an incubator for specialized experts in the ministries and federal entities and all employees working for these entities can join the Bank’s network through the new portal established to facilitate transactions for Bank members.

Government Skills Bank Portal

Government Skills Bank Portal (skillsbank.fahr.gov.ae) , allows searching for experts in various fields and disciplines, asking them to answer questions and inquiries about the Bank, and provides opportunity for knowledge transfer, training and advise in different fields.

It should be noted that the new portal is available exclusively to ministries, and other federal entities and their employees. It displays data for all members of Government Skills Bank network, together with a summary of their biography, technical skills and experience, as well as a special corner to showcase the latest articles, studies and specialized researches in many fields and disciplines. In addition, it allows assessing the capabilities of Government Skills Bank Network, and the quality of satisfaction with the support provided by members of the network.

Criteria for selecting members of Government Skills Bank Network

Selection of members of the Government Skills Bank Network in the Federal Government is subject to a set of criteria including:
  • Specialization relevant to the needs of the entity and the Federal Government
  • Relevant work experience, knowledge or skills
  • Accomplishments and recognition in the field of competence
  • Educational qualification and relevant professional certificates
  • Exposure to, implementation and dissemination of best practices
  • Communication skills
  • Providing guidance and transferring knowledge to others
  • Professional volunteering

Who is the member of Government Skills Bank Network?

A member of the Government Skills Bank Network (which was launched by FAHR in 2018), is a person with high skills and knowledge and who continuously acquires new experiences through practice and available education and development opportunities.

Benefits of Government Skills Bank Network to Federal Entities

Selection of Government Skills Bank members within the ministries and federal entities contributes to:
  • Create a work environment that encourages acquisition and dissemination of knowledge
  • Improve Institutional Memory
  • Provide a clearer picture of employees’ Knowledge and Skills
  • Saving time used to identify the best experts and customer Needs
  • Identifying Business Requirements and Customer Needs
  • Rationalising Expenses and Resources
  • Facilitating activities related to integration of talents within succession planning of the entity

How are members of Government Skills Bank Network nominated?

Nomination of Skills Bank members in the ministries and federal bodies is done through three methods:
  • Self-Nomination
  • Nomination by Colleagues
  • Nomination by The Employee’s Immediate Supervisor

Criteria for Assessing The Skills of Government Skills Bank Network Members

There are a number of criteria adopted by the Authority to assess the skills of Government Skills Bank Network members, including:
  • Years of experience related to competence or skill
  • Number of training or guidance hours attended previously
  • Relevant professional certificates
  • Certificate of relevant qualification
  • Number of conferences and seminars attended as a speaker in the field of specialization