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"Elite" - The Vocational Certificates for Federal Government Employees Initiative

The "Elite" initiative for vocational certificates is one of the strategic initiatives of the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources, which aims to develop the skills of federal government employees and develop their specialized and professional capabilities to meet the government's rational aspirations and directions regarding future skills, in a way that enhances the leadership of the UAE and its global competitiveness.

The "Elite" initiative aims to empower federal government employees and provide them with the specialized skills necessary to achieve institutional goals and embark on the future, armed with high skills and specialized capabilities, through obtaining professional certificates by the competent authorities and recognized internationally.

These professional certificates are provided by the best training providers, and leading universities in all disciplines within 20 job families, at preferential rates for federal government employees, where they can benefit from them directly, or by nomination from their employers, as the professional certificates are listed according to the job families or according to Months.

To view and register in released certificates, choose the target month for registration in Calendar :


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To view specialized certificates list according to job family, click on the available professional certificates :

# Job Family Total Certificates Available Professional Certifications
01 Finance and Accounting
11 Download
02 Human Resources
7 Download
03 Audit and Governance 9 Download
04 Health and Safety 5 Download
05 Institutional Development
4 Download
06 Program and Project Management
8 Download
07 Engineering
3 Download
08 Legal-Judicial 2 Download
09 Climate Change, Environment and Water
2 Download
10 Media 11 Download
11 Support Services 3 Download
12 Information Technology 27 Download