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Training of 155 HR officials in the Federal Government on Smart Recruitment Platform (Istiqtab)

Sunday June 14, 2020

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) recently held a series of virtual training workshops for HR directors and officials in ministries and federal entities, on the new Smart Recruitment Platform in the Federal Government, "Istiqtab", which was launched last May, as a system enhanced with artificial intelligence technology. Istiqtab is used in matching vacancies in the Federal Government with Cvs of job seekers registered in the system.

 On this subject, Salwa Abdullah, Director of Projects and Programs Department at the Authority revealed that 155 HR directors and recruitment officials in the Federal Government were familiarized with the features and advantages of the new ‘Istiqtab’ System, which is a smart platform for employment, helping the ministries and federal entities to choose the most suitable candidates for jobs. She stressed that the system has been made even more effective with the use of artificial intelligence techniques, building on the entities’ previous employment record, and upon the current and future directions of the entity in the search for and attraction of top talents to employ.

 She said: “Istiqtab System was developed by Bloovo Middle East,  which specializes in developing recruitment systems and adopts  artificial intelligence and intelligent algorithms. The system helps HR departments and officials to rank candidates automatically through meaningful matching scores so that recruiters don't waste time in sifting manually through irrelevant candidate profiles, not to mention the high cost.

 “The smart matching system built in Istiqtab will enable the entities to choose the best candidates for jobs, in an easy and automated way, which serves the Federal Government’s direction in attracting and retaining the best talents available.”

 Salwa Abdullah added that the mechanism of matching CVs with the job requirements, supported by artificial intelligence techniques, will enable the federal bodies to use an advanced and independent employment system that takes into account the privacy of each ministry and a federal entity. It will also enable the beneficiaries to use many advantages: sifting out candidates, automated portfolios,  as well as the ability to communicate directly with job seekers.

 Talking about the workshops, she said that they mainly focused on introducing recruitment officials in the Federal Government to the main features of Istiqtab System. The system enables ministries and federal entities to search in a database that brings together all job seekers, with an automatic resume filtering system to find hidden skills, and a dashboard full of important information, regarding the comprehensive recruitment process, with many important statistics, which help in making informed decisions.

 For his part, Dawood Abu Qasheh, Vice President of Sales at Bloovo Middle East said: “We are pleased to have this partnership with the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources. We are also proud to provide the first centralized recruitment system supported by artificial intelligence to the federal entities in the United Arab Emirates, with the aim of helping all federal government institutions to choose the best candidates for vacancies, using smart matching algorithms and automatic machine learning in recruitment process.”

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