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10,000 federal employees followed the orientation workshops on Guidelines for Office Work Environment under emergency circumstances

Monday June 01, 2020

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR), held, on Sunday and Monday, a number of virtual workshops at the federal government level, in conjunction with the decision requiring federal government employees to gradually return workplaces by 30%. The workshops were broadcast through live streaming tech, to train federal government employees on the Guideline for Office Work Environment and return to work at workplaces in light of emergency conditions, as decided by the Authority with the aim of supporting and enabling ministries and federal entities to gradually and safely return to workplaces, observing health precautions and social distancing among employees.

 In this regard, HE Aisha Al-Suwaidi, Executive Director of HR Policies Sector at the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources, explained that the workshops had a high viewership, with more than 10 thousand federal government employees following them. She praised the Authority’s experience in broadcasting the workshops and events using sophisticated tools as live streaming, as it provides the opportunity for the largest number of employees of ministries, federal authorities, as well the general public to benefit from these events, wherever they are, and it also contributes to maintaining the health and safety of society in general.

 HE said: “The Authority has launched the guideline to regulate the office work environment under the current emergency conditions, to create a reference for the ministries and federal entities, especially with regard to  occupational health and safety standards, and maintain health and safety of employees and customers.

“The Guide comes to facilitate the gradual return of federal government employees to their offices, in the event that the Coronavirus pandemic gets weaker. It acts as an effective tool, to help the ministries and federal entities in providing the highest occupational health and safety standards for  the Authority employees and customers alike.”

 Aisha Al-Suwaidi added that the Guide is based on global best practices in addressing health crises, and observing occupational health and safety requirements in the workplace, according to a group of the most prominent international organizations and institutions concerned with human resources, occupational health and safety, disaster and epidemics management.

 “The Guide is a continuation of the great efforts made by the Authority since the beginning of the crisis, regarding the governance of remote work in the federal government, and to ensure business continuity and service provision,” she noted, adding that once it was decided to take the necessary preventive measures, to ward off danger from employees, the Authority circulated, in cooperation with the competent authorities, Cabinet decisions, circulars, remote work guidelines, etc.

 According to HE, the new Guide will help in providing the necessary instructions to ensure the health and safety of employees and customers in the workplace, as well as transfer the best public health practices, and create working environments that take into account the best and highest occupational health and safety standards.

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