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The Authority briefs Masafi Hospital’s delegation on the Federal Human Resources Policies and Legislations

Thursday November 10, 2022

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) recently received at its headquarters in Dubai a delegation representing Masafi Government Hospital of the Emirates Health Services. The purpose of the visit was to familiarize the delegation with the Human Resources Legislations and Policies adopted at the federal government level.

During the visit, the Authority’s team, which consisted of Moza Bu Shalibi, Head of the Legal Consultations Section, Ahmad Al Shaer, Assistant Legal Advisor, Saeed Al Qattan, Head of the Systems Users Support Section, and Mohammad Ramadan, Human Resources Information Systems Expert, introduced the delegation to the initiatives, key projects, and smart systems the Authority implements.

In this regard, Amna Al-Mandoos, Director of the Policies and Legal Affairs Section at FAHR, stated that the Authority briefed the Human Resources employees and officials at Masafi Hospital on the Human Resources Laws, Policies, Legislations, and Regulations that are implemented across the federal government, as well as how they were implemented.

She also pointed out that the visiting delegation was familiarized with the key electronic Human Resources Systems that are part of the Human Resources Management Information System in the Federal Government "Bayanati", including the electronic Performance Management and Training & Development System for Federal Government Employees, the electronic Job Description and Evaluation Policy in the Federal Government, and the electronic Strategic Workforce Planning in the Federal Government System.

Furthermore, Al-Mandoos said that the Authority’s team discussed the importance of job descriptions for different jobs, the main elements of job descriptions, the methods of writing job descriptions by using job analysis tools, the methods for updating current job descriptions, as well as writing job descriptions for new job positions. The team also explained the steps for analyzing and describing new job positions.

The Authority officially launched the electronic Job Description and Evaluation Policy in the Federal Government across the federal government in 2012 and transformed it into an electronic system in 2014. This system is one of the best international systems and practices in the field of public job evaluation as it is based on clear scientific foundations that ensure fairness and consistency across the various jobs at the federal government level.

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