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Presentations of The FAHR International Conference 2016


NO Title Size Download

Lyn Goodear

Talent In a World of Change and It's Impact on The Public Sector.

1.59 MB Download

Jenn Lim

The Pursuit of Happiness: Utilising Employee Well-Being to Sustain a Culture of Engagement.

7.74 MB Download

HE. Mohammed Ali Al Bastaki

Transforming Human Capital Management - A local prospective.

1.05 MB Download

Joe Chalouhi

Smarter Workplaces: How Technology is Changing the Nature of Work.

2.85 MB Download

Jia Gay

Innovative Total Rewards Practices that Support Your Long-term Business and Human Capital Needs.

3.33 MB  Download



NO Title Size Download

Pavan Bhatia

Effective Talent Management Strategies in Changing and Growing Markets.

2.2 MB Download

Robert Garcia

Game-Changing People Strategies: Development Practices for the New Knowledge Economy.

906 KB Download

Michael C. Bush

The Dawn of A New Great Workplace Era.

4 MB Download

Steve Harpum

Creating the Next Generation of Human Capital: Cultivating Leaders of Tomorrow, Today.

1.2 MB Download

Wayne Davies

Creating a Winning Employee Value Proposition To Acquire and Retain Top Talent.

1.46 MB  Download

Nicola M. Billeh

The Career Development Challenge: How to Adopt Successful Career Mapping Strategies.

1 MB  Download

Peter Flade

The Purpose of HR - GALLUP Research Report

1 MB Download