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NO Title Size Download
24 Presentations of The FAHR International Conference 2018 --  View
23 Presentation of fourth edition launch of Emirates Award for Human Resources in the Federal Government  2.67MB Download
22 Launch of Pilot Guide for Volunteerism in Government Authorities 2.42 MB Download
21 The Indicators of the Human Resources Enablers in the Federal Government In accordance with the Balanced Scorecard 3.68MB Download
20 Employee Well-being Model 1.77 MB Download
19 Employee Attraction and Retention Guide 1.27 MB Download 
18 Guide of Knowledge Management in the Federal Government 2.84 MB Download
17 FAHR's agenda for the Year of Giving 2017 780KB Download

Presentations of The FAHR International Conference 2016

Presentation of best practices in studies of harmony and functional happiness - Gallup study 2016                  (Available in Arabic only)
-- --
14 A workshop to improve the research indicators of The happiest work environment in collaboration with the Prime Minister's office 2.93MB Download
13 Human Resource Development Program for Federal Government Human Resources officials (SHRM)                     (Available in Arabic only) --  --
Productivity Improvement Factor - Adjustment of Sick Leaves in Bayanati System 1.95MB Download

Presentations at the government summit 2016

-- View

Report Summary of OECD Public Governance Review - HR part related

14 MB Download

Legislations structure and human resources programs in the federal government

1.7 MB Download
8 Smart Objectives Automation Project for Support Function 1.8 MB Download
7 Current and future Baynati smart systems 2.9 MB Download
6 The Entity’s partnerships and cooperation with international organizations 870 KB Download

Overview and Analysis of Employee Turnover in the UAE Federal Entities 2014

32 MB Download
4 Presentation of Job Assessment and Description system 1.6 MB Download

The FAHR International Conference 2015 - Presentations

-- View

International Human Resources Conference 2014 - Presentations

-- View
1 New employee induction program guideIn the federal government 890KB Download