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FAHR Newsletter

Human Resources Law

Law # 11 for the year 2008 regarding Human Resources in Federal Government

Human Resources Law has been issued as per Supreme instructions of His Highness Shaikh Khalfia Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of United Arab Emirates.

The Law stresses on Human element considering it as an original Investment which must be managed and developed efficiently as well as it reflects future vision for the future requirements of Human Resources and contribute in developing the systems and policies and work environment in a manner enabling to link Human Resources Development line in the Ministries with the objectives and strategic factors as well as it opened chances for all to improvement performance of employees and monitor their skills and invest their efforts.

Among the most major features of the Government directives on which the law is based are :-

  1. Decentralization through granting Ministries administrative and financial independence enabling it to improve its performance and to give the Ministry Sector vast powers ;
  2. To respond to requirements of the coming stage to enhance their performance in Government Sector and lay down distinctive culture ;
  3. Apply texts of law which contribute in educating the employees and to review them about the duties and responsibilities to be borne by them ;
  4. Ensure the role of Human Resources being the main base for application of strategic plan for each Ministry ;
  5. Lay down an efficiency and capability principle to accomplish the work as the base for promotion and at the time of encouragement and an incentive between employees of Public Sector ;
  6. To enhance performance in Government Sector and lay down distinctive culture through establishment of Sector to manage performance of employees to lay down a scientific method to give gratuity to achievements and distinctive results and to encourage continuous education and development ;