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Issued Circulars

2023 Circulars

Circular Number Resolution Description Size PDF
12Circular No. (12) of the year 2023 Regarding The start of the second batch registration for Entrepreneurship Leave for self-employment in the Federal Government 765KBDownload
11Circular No. (11) of the year 2023 Regarding The launch of Fast Track Governance Policy for Promising Government Talents in the Federal Government545KBDownload
10Circular No. (10) of the year 2023 Regarding The Prophet’s Birthday Holiday for the year 1445 Hijri391KBDownload
9Circular No. (9) of 2023 On Launching the Updated Version of the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct in the Federal Government327KBDownload
8Circular No. (8) of 2023 Regarding The "Return to School" Policy for the Academic Year 2023-2024447KBDownload
7Circular No. (7) of the year 2023 regarding holiday of the Hijri New Year 1445436KBDownload
6Circular No. (6) of 2023 Regarding Re-engineering Bayanati System in Accordance with the Executive Regulations of the New Human Resources Law in the Federal Government434KBDownload
5 Circular No. (5) of the year 2023 Regarding Eid Al-Adha Holiday for the year 1444 Hijri302KBDownload
4Circular No. (4) of the year 2023 Regarding the implementation of the executive regulation of the Human Resources Law in the Federal Government640KBDownload
3Circular No. (3) of 2023 Regarding Eid Al Fitr holiday for the year 1444 AH684KBDownload