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Issued Circulars

2019 Circulars

Circular Number Description Size PDF
25 Circular No (25) for 2019 Launching the Online Learnng Platform in the Federal Government (Al Mawrid) 184KBDownload
24 Circular No (24) for 2019 Invitation to attend HR Club Forums, November 2019, in cooperation with Human Resource Department, Sharjah Government, and Abu Dhabi Human Resource Authority 202KBDownload
23Circular No (23) for 2019 List of approved UAE official holidays for public & private sectors, 2019 - 2929246KBDownload
22Circular No (22) for 2019 Invitation to attend HR Club Forum entitled “Expo 2020 Nationalization & Knowledge Transfer Initiatives246KBDownload
21Circular No (21) for 2019 Implementation of Cabinet Resolution No (34/10) for 2019 on Emiratization Mechanisms in the Federal Government252KBDownload
20Circular No (20) for 2019 On organizing the Employee – Employer Relationship260KBDownload
19Circular No (19) for 2019 On allowing employees to take time off to vote in Federal National Council elections 159KBDownload
18Circular No (18) for 2019 Competency Based Job Descriptions Framework in the Federal Government161KBDownload
17Circular No. (17) for 2019 Official holidays in UAE pursuant to Cabinet Resolution No. (37) of 2019164KBDownload
16Circular No (16) for 2019 On Back to School Policy issued by Cabinet Resolution No. (2/8) of 2018,235KBDownload