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HR Legislation Inquiry Service

Estimated Delivery Time

  • (4) working days: Repeated inquires | (12) working days: New inquires

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About Service

The service is concerned with finding legal solutions to the problems encountered in the practical application of the Human Resources Law and its executive regulations and the articles and decisions that are complementing them

Service Steps

  • 1
    FAHR Website
    • Enter FAHR website, select FAHR’s services
    • Click on (Start Service)
    • Add your question or case in related to HR Law & its Executive Regulations
    • Fill out the form by entering all required data accurately
    • Notification email will be sent to the customer as a receipt of the application/case
  • 2
    Internal Process
    • Receive the request through the legal email address
    • Review the request by the legal team
    • Approve the reply by the Senior Management
    • Send a support request including inquiry description and attachments (if any).
  • 3
    Through Customer Happiness System (CRM)
    • Login to FAHR Website main page.
    • Then click on the eservices icon
    • Click on legal advice.
    • Click to inquire about human resources legislation.
    • Enter username and PIN (for Bayanati User).
    • Or register if the applicant (not Bayanati User).
    • Respond to the customer through customer happiness system.
  • 4
    FAHR Smart Application
    • Download FAHR smart application from smart phone stores
    • Choose the legal services
    • Fill out the form
    • Send a notification receipt email to the customer


  1. The flexible work employment mode has been added to the current employment modes. The modes now include the following:

    • Full-time employment, temporary employment, part-time employment, and flexible work.
    • Flexible work is considered similar to full-time employment but with the flexibility to change working hours or days based on the workload, economic conditions, and operational variables of the employer.
  2. The conversion is typically initiated either by the employer or upon the request of the employee, as follows:

    • The employer may, based on the requirements of the entity's interests/needs and in accordance with approved human resources procedures, during the contract's validity or upon its expiration, change the employment mode or contracting mechanism, along with any associated benefits and salaries/wages, in accordance with the guidelines outlined in this Resolution and within the allocated financial provisions approved in the entity's budget.
    • The employer is permitted, upon the request of the employee, to change the employment mode, provided that the request aligns with the best interests/needs of the federal entity. This change can occur a maximum of two times throughout the employee's tenure in the federal govern0ment.
    • For non-UAE national employees who were already employed before the implementation of the Decree-Law, their end-of-service gratuity is calculated based on the previous regulations in force within the federal entity.
    • After the implementation of the Decree-Law, the end-of-service gratuity entitlements for all non-UAE national  employees (both existing and new) are calculated according to the new mechanism outlined in the law and regulations.
    • Bereavement leave with pay, as determined in this regard.
    • Sick leave with pay, based on a certified medical report from a recognized medical facility, for a duration not exceeding (5) consecutive or intermittent working days. Anything beyond that will be without pay.
    • Unpaid leave for a duration of (5) consecutive or intermittent working days.
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Estimated Delivery Time
(4) working days: Repeated inquires | (12) working days: New inquires
Services Channels

FAHR Website

Customer Happiness System CHS

FAHR Smart App

Call Center : 600525524

Phone Inquiry Timing : 7.30 am – 3.30 pm

Target Audience
All categories of customers (Priority to the Federal Entities’ employees)
Service Fees


Service Classification


No. of Service Surfers / Users

Service Surfers : 28976

Service Requirements

Filling in all compulsory fields in the system and attach the necessary needed documents including: (Subject / Case, Customer Name, Organization, Email address, nationality)