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About FAHR

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) pursues the development of human resources in the UAE government sector through the implementation of novel concepts and the adoption of international standards applied in the field of human resources management globally.

FAHR has an independent legal personality and is equipped with the authority to undertake all necessary actions with a view to achieving its objectives. Furthermore, FAHR strives to achieve financial and administrative autonomy. It acts under the supervision of the UAE Council of Ministers.  

The Federal Authority for Human Resources was established pursuant to Federal Law No. 11 of 2008 relative to human resources.

FAHR is vested with powers and responsibilities to manage the Federal Ministries and entities governed by the Law by Decree No.11. Thus, it embodies a promising future-oriented beginning for the development of human resources in the Federal Ministries and Government entities.

FAHR is entrusted mainly with the review and proposal of HR policies and legislation to the Government, the provision of assistance to the Federal Ministries in the implementation of HR-related legislation, the monitoring of the Ministries’ compliance with the provisions of the Law by Decree No. 11 and the implementing regulations thereof, and the consideration of objections related to decisions rendered by the Grievance Committee. Moreover, FAHR accomplishes any other missions assigned to it by the Council of Ministers.

Our Vision

Build a happy and innovative government human capital who steer the UAE towards global leadership.

Our Mission

Achieve work harmony, strengthen UAE competitiveness through the empowerment of government human capital and enhance productivity and best use of systems and   innovative solutions.

Our Core Values

  • Loyalty and Attachment.
  • Integrity and Professionalism.
  • Leadership and Teamwork.
  • Persistence and Perseverance.
  • Sharing and Cooperation.

Our Strategic Goals

  • Develop and implement a comprehensive legislative system for the management of the Federal Government human capital.
  • Strengthen and develop the Federal Government human capital to achieve global leadership.
  • Create a happy and stimulating work environment for the Government human capital.
  • Guarantee the provision of the entirety of administrative services in accordance with quality, efficiency and transparency global standards.
  • Establish a culture of innovation in the government work environment.

FAHR Strategic Plan 2017-2022Click Here