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About FAHR

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) pursues the development of Human Resources in the UAE government sector through the implementation of modern concepts and the adoption of international standards applied in the field of Human Resources Management.

FAHR has an independent legal personality and is equipped with the authority to undertake all necessary actions with a view to achieving its objectives. Furthermore, FAHR strives to achieve financial and administrative autonomy. It acts under the supervision of the UAE Council of Ministers.  

FAHR is vested with powers and responsibilities related to the management of Human Resources for ministries and federal entities, to form a promising future-oriented beginning for the development of Human Capital Management in the Federal Government.

FAHR is entrusted mainly with the review and proposal of HR policies and legislation at the Government level, assisting ministries in their proper implementation, and ensuring their compliance with the Human Resources Law in the federal government, the regulations issued for its implementation, and any other competencies entrusted to it by the Council of Ministers.

Our Vision

Government talents with advanced human resources system leading UAE to global competitiveness.

Our Mission

Developing the capabilities and competencies of the federal government talents, creating an agile work environment and proactive initiatives that enrich the efficiency, productivity and competitiveness of the UAE’s federal government.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity and professionalism.
  • Empowerment and Engagement.
  • Proactivity.
  • Partnership and integration.
  • Agility.

Our Strategic Goals

  • Agile and preemptive human capital Framework that strengthens the work environment competitiveness of the Federal Government.
  • Enhance the Federal Government’s efficiency and productivity by utilizing advanced human capital solutions.
  • Develop the investment ecosystem for the Federal Government's talents.
  • Develop the the Federal Government’s human resources practices and procedures to enhance its performance.
  • Create a work environment to boost the government competencies and Knowledge transfer among the Government’s human resources
  • Attract and empower the best talents, and provide efficient and effective corporate services and digital infrastructurePromote Agile, Preemptive, and Future-ready innovation practices within the work system.
  • Promote Agile, Preemptive, and Future-ready innovation practices within the work system.