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FAHR provides its remotely performed services, via the Customer Happiness System

Thursday April 02, 2020

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) explained that all services provided to ministries, federal entities, private sector institutions and the public, are accessible through the Customer Happiness System, which was launched in late 2019 and made available on the Authority website www.fahr.gov.ae,. The system reflects the Authority’s keenness to provide all Its services to customers in high quality and under one umbrella, as the system is considered one of the best global systems in managing support operations with high efficiency.

The Authority further explained: “The Customer Happiness System is an interactive electronic platform for customers, that provides them with all the services they need and reflects the Authority’s keenness to ensure the provision of of high quality, one-stop shop services to the ministries, federal entities, private sector institutions and the public.  Moreover, it supports the Government’s directions with regard to remote work, especially under the current situations, ensures business continuity in the Federal Government, and the provision of seven-star services to the Authority's customers.”

It added: “The system includes 16 main services, serving 67 ministries, federal entities, private sector institutions and the public, and is an integrated electronic portal through which the Authority provides the necessary support to the ministries and federal authorities, to operate and maintain all electronic human resources systems under the umbrella of HR Management Information System (BAYANATI) applied at the Federal Government level.”

Examples of these services, according to the statement, include: HR Self-Service, e-Performance Management and Training & Development for Federal Government Employees, e-Employment System, HR procedure System and Smart Reports Systems, Job Evaluation and  Description System, Attendance and Departure System, Manpower Planning, and e-approvals System.

“The newly introduced system provides many interactive services to ministries, federal authorities and the public. These include services provided via the Smart Application (FAHR), e-Learning Portal (Al Mawrid), HR Policies and Legislation inquiry services, training request on HR Policies and Legislation, and request to review and approve federal entities organizational structures, UAE HR Award support request, Services also include requesting support to: the UAE HR Award in the Federal Government, HR enablers, and enabling companies to request membership of Imtiyazat program and Federal Government employees to request  to Whom it May Concern ce

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