About Bayanati

Bayanati is a Human Resources Management Information System (HRMIS) that was developed to include the best practices of HR departments at ministries and federal authorities. Currently, Bayanati is the only HR-unified system deployed by FAHR and the Ministry of Finance.



Objectives and Advantages of the System

Approach which determines the functioning of “Bayanati” according to a clear vision of future plans, initiatives and projects related to the systems



Improve and facilitate HR Procedures at the federak government level


Raise the levels of services at HR department by enabling thses departments at the federal level to aply the best practices in HR management


Provideinified and completed statitics regarding HR data at teh federal government level


Enavle administration customers at the ministries and federal agencies to communicate with the HR department electronically


  • This is an integrated system for HR data at the federal government level.
  • It constitutes an integrated database for HR at the federal government level.
  • It complies with and meets work requirements of the government
  • It electronically activates staff transactions
  • It is easy to deal with applications.
  • It is a bilingual application, and Arabic is the basic language.
  • It provides several levels of powers, confidentiality, and registration of the movement of all employees as per the granted authorization.
  • It helps provide electronic training facilities on staff affairs and salaries.
  • It provides wide potentials for individual and collective search.
  • The system is highly accurate and flexible in calculating salaries by virtue of high speed
  • equation technology.
  • It provides the monthly payroll list of the employee.
  • It helps registration and joining courses through self-service.
  • All systems of the application are interrelated.
  • It provides reports of and indices of performance in advance.
  • The system adopts flexible field technology that facilitates identify the addition of extra fields on screens without amending database.
  • It applies personal setting techniques that help re-name headings on screens.

Bayanati Users