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FAHR releases the 11th Issue of HR Echo Magazine

Monday December 16, 2019

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) has released the tenth edition of the specialized HR Echo Magazine, which is published semi-annually, in Arabic and English, in partnership with internationally recognized universities and organizations specialized in human resources.

In this regard, HE Aisha Al Suwaidi, Executive Director of HR Policies Sector, FAHR, said that Echo Magazine has become an ideal platform and an important window to highlight all local, regional and global issues related to human capital development. She praised the progress achieved by the Magazine today, as one of the outstanding specialized human resource publications in terms of reader base and capability to attract the attention of HR professionals, leading organizations and educational institutions.


She said: "HR Echo illustrates the seriousness and modernity of the topics published in each issue, simulation of reality, and proposition of solutions and recommendations. These could help create happy working environments that are full of energy, vitality and high productivity, to achieve the desired balance between the interest of the work and the needs and aspirations of employees.”


The main topics addressed by this of the Magazine include: employee engagement, new patterns of work that are popular globally, such as self-employment, temporary work and outsourcing. It also sheds light on the future work skills, their role in raising productivity, making profits, and making the society happy as well. Moreover, it also pinpoints the role assigned to organizations in preparation for such reality, which will witness significant changes in the light of digital revolution.


The issue also discusses how to build and strengthen trust in organizations, and the role of the seniors to upgrade the capabilities of employees at different levels and functional capacities. This can be achieved through effective training that helps to unleash their individual potential, and promotes a culture of learning through trainers with skills, knowledge and the ability to understand the way employees think.

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