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NO Title Size Download
53 HR Echo Article - December 2023 2.02MB Download
52 HR Echo Article - July 2023 4.94MB Download
51 FAHR Annual Report 2022 - View
50 HR Echo Article - December 2022 2.28MB Download
49 FAHR Policy for Integrated Management and Business Continuity System 821KB Download
48 HR Echo Article - July 2022 5.98MB Download
47 FAHR Annual Report 2021 - View 
46 HR Echo Article - December 2021 2.36MB Download
45 HR Echo Article - November 2021 2.49MB Download
44 HR Echo Article - October 2021 7.47MB Download
43 HR Echo Article - September 2021 7.18MB Download
42 HR Echo Article - August 2021 8.94MB Download
41 HR Echo Article - July 2021 9.95MB Download
40 HR Echo Article - June 2021 15.7MB Download
39 HR Echo Article - May 2021 7.60MB Download

HR Echo Article - April 2021

12.1MB Download

HR Echo Article - March 2021

6.56MB Download
36 FAHR Annual report 2020 - View

HR Echo Article - February 2021

1.65MB Download

HR Echo Article - January 2021

2.04MB Download

HR Echo Article - December 2020

1.07MB  Download
32 HR ECHO Magazine Issue 13 7.18MB Download
31 HR ECHO Magazine Issue 12 8.45MB Download
30 FAHR Annual report 2019 6.13MB Download
29 HR ECHO Magazine Issue 11 3.33MB Download

Succession Planning & Talent Pool Development Framework in The Federal Government

3.45MB Download
27 HR ECHO Magazine Issue 10 1.66MB Download

Guidebook for Development and Review of Job Description & Evaluation of Federal Government Jobs

1.36MB Download
25 FAHR Annual report 2018 5.11MB Download

Employees' Wellbeing in the Federal Government : Guidelines Manual

1.01MB  Download

Government Skills Bank User Manual

4.01MB  Download
22 FAHR Training Initiatives Booklet 2.29 MB Download

Volunteerism Guidelines In The Workplace Entities For The Government

3.11MB  Download

Guide Of Knowledge Management In The Federal Government

8.05MB  Download

Employee Attraction & Retention Guide

6.95MB  Download

Human Resources Service Accelerators [Service Level Agreements]

3.87MB Download
17 FAHR Annual report 2017 6.28MB Download
16 Bulletin of the Seven International Human Resources Conference 2017 556KB Download
FAHR Annual report 2016 8.31MB Download
14 Bulletin of the Six International Human Resources Conference 2016 3.12MB Download
13 FAHR Annual report 2015 8.4 MB Download
12 Guidelines for Health and Safety in Workplace in the Federal Government 1.02MB Download

The Training & Development Show and “Ma’aref” 3rd Annual Meeting

8.18 MB Download

FAHR Annual report 2014

5.71 MB Download

HR ECHO Magazine

4.47 MB Download
8 Guide on the Developmentof the Human Resources Departments Performance in the Federal Government  913 KB Download
7 HR Club Booklet 4.98 MB Download

Job Description and Evaluation Policy in the Federal Government

1.47 MB Download

FAHR Annual Report for the year 2013

1.81 MB Download

Manual Guide of The Induction Program for New Employeesin the Federal Government

2.82 MB Download

FAHR Annual Report for the year 2012

18.9 MB Download

FAHR Annual Report for the year 2011

15.1MB Download
1 FAHR Annual Report for the year 2010 29.0 MB