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Official Speaker

Federal Authority for Government Human Resources confirms its obligations with the principles of transparency in dealing with mass media in its different forms and consequently with public and open its doors to respond to their queries and questions as per established principles at the level of Federal Government and consequently the Authority mentioned the number and address of the Official Addressor on its behalf.

Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Awar

H.E.  Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Awar

Director General of the Federal Authority for
Government Human Resources
+971 4 231 9027

Aisha Khalifa Al Suwaidi

H.E.  Aisha Khalifa Al Suwaidi

CEO - HR Policies Sector

+971 4 231 9098

Laila Obaid Al Suwaidi

H.E.  Laila Obaid Al Suwaidi

CEO - HR Planning and Projects Sector


+971 4 231 9073

Ibrahim Ahmed Fikri


H.E.  Ibrahim Ahmed Fikri

CEO - Support Services Sector


+971 4 231 9049

Mahmood A. Al Marzooqi

Mahmood A. Al Marzooqi

Director - Department of Government Communication

+971 4 231 9080


Shayma Yousef AlAwadhi

Shayma Yousef Alawadhi

Director - Department of Human Resources Managment Information System

+971 4 231 9140


Zayed Mohamed Al Baadani Al Qahtani

Zayed Mohamed Al Baadani Al Qahtani

Director - Department of Performance Appraisal & Follow Up

+971 4 231 9120


Hamad Bu Amim

Hamad Bu Amim

Director - Department of Policies and Legal Affairs

+971 4 231 9045