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Targets & Specialization

Targets of FAHR

The Authority aims at developing Human Resources in Government Sector on the basis of modern concepts and Internationally renowned standards in the field of Human Resources Management.

Specialization of FAHR

The Authority is entrusted with the following powers and general responsibilities related to Human Resources Management and towards achieving its objectives, the Authority may particularly carry out the following :-

  1. Study, propose policies and legislation related to Human Resources at the level of Federal Government and present the same to the Ministerial Council for Services for approval.
  2. Propose a system of performance management in accordance with the regulations prescribed by law and submit the same to the Cabinet.
  3. Consider objections to decisions of the Complaint Committee in accordance with the law, and develop a system thereof to be presented to Cabinet for approval.
  4. Assist the Government Sector in proper implementation of legislation relating to Human Resources.
  5. Ensure that the Government Sector complies with the provisions of the law, and rules and regulations issued in implementation thereof.
  6. Coordinate with Government Sector regarding the financial and administrative effects of restructuring.
  7. Support the concepts of Organizational culture which focus upon encouraging skills and encourage proposals and distinguished ideas.
  8. Propose code of professional ethics and ethics of general job.
  9. Develop training policies to guarantee maintaining trained, qualified Human Resources, especially for locals.
  10. Develop a full fledged rule for Human Resources to guarantee availability of integrated data about Human Resources in Government Sector and to contribute towards support of decision making.
  11. Communicate with Corporations, local, Regional and International Organizations concerned with Human Resources with the aim of reviewing their experience and implement the best practices.
  12. Coordinate with educational Institutions in U.A.E. in order to combine educational output and market requirements in Government Sector and requirements of local cadre for study missions to guarantee availability of local scientific personnel.
  13. Lay down programmes for nationalization of jobs at Government Sector and follow up implementation of the same.
  14. Propose holidays and public holidays as per provisions of law and resolutions of the Cabinet.
  15. Any other specialization entrusted by the Cabinet.