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Federal Government’s Preferred Training Partners Initiative "Maaref"

Federal Government’s Preferred Training Partners Initiative

The idea of the Federal Government's Preferred Training Partners initiative is to identify the best training providers in the UAE according to specific criteria, meet the training needs of the Federal Government employees, achieve a financial surplus from the training budgets of federal entities, serve the maximum number of employees and negotiate with key training providers to offer quality training programs at competitive prices.

The initiative seeks to improve the performance of Federal Government employees and empower citizens to take up leadership roles and technical positions as well as create a culture based on excellent performance, high productivity, and development of human capital, toward the achievement of Human Resources Strategy in the Federal Government and the UAE Vision 2021.

Strategic Objectives of "Maaref":

  • Establish a partnership based on social responsibility and serving the mutual interests the government and private sectors.
  • Guarantee providing high quality training for employees working in 56 ministry and federal entity, and meet the training needs in accordance with the training and development system.
  • Achieve a financial surplus from the training budgets of federal entities, and serve the maximum number of employees.
  • Enhance the competence and productivity of the Federal Government, and create a favorable business environment therein.
  • Assist federal entities to select training courses online, in accordance with predefined time frames.

"Maaref" Electronic Portal: 

In 2015, the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR), launched "Maaref" electronic Portal and made it available for customers through the smart application (FAHR). The portal allows training providers to display the training courses they offer, together with prices of those courses, and the percentages of discounts provided exclusively to Federal Government employees. It also provides an opportunity for ministries and federal entities to select the courses that suit the needs of their employees, know where they are held, and evaluate those courses by linking them to Training & Development System for the Federal Government employees.

For companies wishing to join "Maaref":

We invite training providers who want to register in the Maaref initiative to click here