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Entrepreneurship Leave for Self-employment

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The Entrepreneurship Leave for self-employment initiative has been developed as part of the Initiatives of the Next 50. The initiative focuses on enhancing the competitiveness of the national cadres, encourage UAE nationals working in the government sector to take on available job positions in the private sector, break into major job fields, and launch and manage their own businesses that add a qualitative value to the national economy.

Given the leading role of the United Arab Emirates Government and its vision that aims to support the country’s citizens across all fields, the esteemed UAE Cabinet issued Resolution No. (30/7) of 2022 on the conditions and controls for granting Entrepreneurship Leave for self-employment to UAE nationals working in the federal government. The initiative relies on an innovative approach to introduce a special category of leaves that is granted under specific conditions. The aim of this new leave category is to enable UAE nationals working in the federal government to establish their own business in the private sector given the important role this sector plays in the economy. This crucial step will play a key role in creating new jobs and drive future development.

Accordingly, the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources launched the guide on granting Entrepreneurship Leave to employees of the ministries and federal entities for the purpose of pursuing self-employment. The initiative, which is the first of its kind in the world, seeks to encourage UAE nationals to pursue investment and start their own businesses in the private sector. The Authority also prepared the Projects Guide for Employees of the Federal Government Entrepreneurship Leave for Self-employment as well as Technical Guide for Entrepreneurship Leave for Self-employment Human Resources Regulations.


The initiative guides include: (The terms and conditions of granting Entrepreneurship Leave for self-employment, Entrepreneurship Leave application procedures, the percentages of employees who may be granted this leave in each federal entity, the classification of projects and establishments, the projects general and special criteria, the applications evaluation and acceptance procedures, as well as the related tasks and responsibilities).

  • Guide on Entrepreneurship Leave for Self-employment for Employees of the Federal Government (Available only in Arabic)
  • Project guide for granting Entrepreneurship Leave for self-employment to Federal Government employee (Available only in Arabic)
  • Technical Guide for Entrepreneurship Leave for Self-employment Human Resources Regulations (Available only in Arabic)


 To view the frequently asked questions about the Entrepreneurship Leave for self-employment initiative.

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