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HR Business Partners in Federal Government

The initiative aims to bring the services of the Authority closer to human resources departments and officials in federal ministries and authorities, and provide them with the necessary support and support, to ensure the implementation of the human resources strategy in the federal government to the fullest, by enhancing the effectiveness of the use of federal human resources systems, legislation and policies, and provide the necessary support To focus on strategic objectives, and to provide quality initiatives.

The HR business partner will assist ministries and federal entities to achieve the following objectives:

  • Propose and provide proactive and radical solutions to the Authority's services.
  • Participate in re-structuring of services, the customers behavior, as well as consider provision of proactive services.
  • Adopt new and innovative business models that support a culture of proactive service delivery.
  • Support federal entities’ efforts to actively use smart electronic human resources systems, and raise awareness about human resources policies and systems.
  • Monitor customer happiness results, SLA, and other related indicators, and improve customer experience.
  • Identify the federal entities’ needs, and make necessary action to meet them, in its capacity as a link between the Authority and federal entities.
  • Identify challenges and risks related to the provision of HR services to the Federal Government.
  • Evaluate the Authority’s internal support teams, and provide feedback to immediate supervisors in order to develop and improve performance.
  • Proposing improvement measures and set time frames for their implementation.

Contact the Authority’s Business Partners Team

We are pleased to provide you with the data concerning members of Business Partners Team at the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources and all communication channels for contacting them. We are also confident that our competent team understands your needs, and is able to help you, and meet your expectations, with regard to HR solutions applied in the Federal Government, including HR systems, policies, legislation and initiatives.