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FAHR's Partners

Partnership means business relationship between two or more parties to achieve mutual benefits and short- and long- term common goals, using the diverse skills and knowledge of the parties involved.

Objectives of Partnership:

  • Strengthen strategic engagement with all partners and build effective relationships to customers happiness
  • Achieve mutual benefit in line with the Government’s aspirations
  • Enhance and develop institutional performance
  • Encourage investment in strengths and focus on areas of improvement

Types of Partners:

Strategic Partners

Partners who involves the entities and institutions that contribute with the Authority in achieving the government directions and common strategic goals of the UAE Government:
  • General Secretariat of the Cabinet
  • Ministry of Presidential Affairs
  • Education and Human Resources Council
  • Telecommunications Regulatory Authority
  • Ministry of Finance

Operational Partners

Includes the entities that contribute with the Authority in the implementation of joint projects and services at a governmental level in UAE:
  • All Ministries and Federal Authorities in the UAE
  • Local Governments
  • Abu Dhabi Statistics Center
  • Dubai Statistics Center
  • Dubai Military Human Resources Committee
  • Mohammed Bin Rashid Academic Complex
  • General Command of the Armed Forces
  • UAE Red Crescent
  • State Audit Institution
  • Information Technology Authority
  • Emirates Transport & Services Est
  • Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University (HBMSU)
  • Etisalat Academy

Knowledge Partners

International entities and expertise that support the Authority through knowledge transfer, as well as providing it with studies and future directions in various HR areas:
  • Dubai Knowledge Park and Dubai International Academic City
  • CIPD - The professional body for HR and Personnel Development
  • The Center of Executive Development at the University of Dubai
  • Knowledge Horizon
  • Morgan International
  • Dubai Digital Library
  • B Business
  • Safety Media

Media Partners

The parties concerned with covering the Authority’s events and news and participating in implementing its media marketing plans:
  • Al Ittihad Newspaper
  • Al Bayan Newspaper
  • Gulf Newspaper
  • Emirates News Agency
  • Emirates Today Newspaper
  • Al-Watan Newspaper
  • Al Roeya Newspaper
  • Al Arabiya FM
  • Al Oula Radio FM
  • Sharjah Radio
  • Sama Dubai Channel
  • Abu Dhabi Channel
  • Zawya
  • Argaam