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About Innovation

In pursuit of excellence and innovation, the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources is moving towards materializing the national innovation strategy launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai in 2014, which aims to position the United Arab Emirates Among the most innovative countries in the world over the next seven years, and in the belief of the vision of the UAE government leaders that innovation is the capital of the future and in the footsteps of the Mohammed bin Rashid Center for Government Innovation; the federal authority for government human resources inspire to imbed the culture of innovation in the organizational work environment, by introducing strategic initiatives that serve innovation and promote its concepts by developing the following initiatives:

  • Implementing the Regulatory frameworks for innovation and future insight
  • Provision of services and technological infrastructure supporting innovation
  • Encourage and motivate employees to innovate
  • Launching the innovative initiatives at the level of the federal Authority for government human resources and the wider Federal Government

Innovation categories in the Government sector

  • Innovation in services: providing new or developed services and developing innovative ways of delivering services
  • Innovation in operations: introduction of innovative management and organizational processes that contribute to the development of organizational work
  • Innovation in technology: reaching innovative scientific methods to overcome the challenges facing society and benefit from advanced scientific facilities
  • Policy innovation: policy development to ensure an environment that promotes and encourage innovation, growth and development
  • Innovation in systems: developing innovative systems that contribute to finding innovative solution to challenges


Why we innovate?

The federal Authority for government human resources adopts the concept of innovation to encourage its employees to be more innovate in order to accomplish the following objectives which are in line with the UAE's strategic objectives to achieve innovation

  • Establishing a sustainable means of investing in the UAE's human resources
  • Strengthening the UAE's global competitiveness capabilities
  • Transforming the concept of innovation into an effective and lasting organizational work culture in the UAE government


Innovation massages:

Awareness-raising excerpts of innovation periodically sent to FAHR employees via e-mail to encourage them to innovate.

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Innovative Initiatives:


Innovation, Leadership and organizational Competency Team

An internal committee of the Federal Authority for Human Resources was formed under the name of "Innovation, Leadership and Organizational Competency Team" headed by the Director of Strategy and Future, with the membership of:

  • Deputy Director of the Government Communication Department
  • Deputy Director of Finance Department
  • Head of strategic planning department
  • Head of Organizational Excellence Department
  • Representative of human resource management and services Department
  • Representative of the Department of Policy and Legal Affairs
  • Representative of Human Resources Information Management
  • Representative of the IT Department
  • Representative of the Projects and Programs Department
  • Strategic and Planning Expert


Everyone is an Innovator

Please submit your suggestions via 171 Tawasul Portal: