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FAHR Newsletter

Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct Document

Deed of professional conduct and general ethics of the job

Is considered as an actual translation what ought to be observed by the employee in his professional conduct and provision and directives of the Federal Government to the importance of setting up the ethics of occupational conduct and development of the role of Human Resources in achieving the Institutional objectives in Government Departments considering the same as a base for Government works.

The Deed is applicable on all employees working at Ministries and Government Authorities and aims to :

'Finding and developing Institutional culture for the Public Servant and to support professional values and develop responsibility spirit and adhering to the supreme ethics in dealing with his Superiors and colleagues in work as per the basic values of Human Resources and to render the best services to enhance trust and incredibility in Government Sector'

The concept of professional code of conduct and ethics of the General Function:

Is about how the employee should perform his or her duties faithfully, impartially and objectively, and to continuously work to achieve the goals of the entity he/she is working for, and to limit his/her duties   within the limits of the authority conferred upon him/her, and to work in good faith, and to abstain from all ill intent or negligence or breach of the law, or harm the public interest, to achieve a personal interest to him/her or others.


Contact Details:

Waoud Al Darmaki : 04-2319116


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