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Social Networking Policy


This policy aims to regulate the management of social networking sites and participation of the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR), including preparation of materials, obtaining official approvals, publication, response to posts, and exchange of information regarding the work of the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources, as well as its projects, initiatives and services within the controls contained in the Guidelines for Secure Use of Social Media by Federal Government employees endorsed by the Council of Ministers’ Resolution No. (73/3 m / 1) for 2014.

Policy Scope

This policy for social media control and sharing tools used by the Authority covers several channels, notably:

  • Online instant chat
  • FAHR blogging via the website
  • Traditional social networking sites (X, Instagram, Facebook)
  • FAHR account on YouTube
  • FAHR account on LinkedIn

Policy and Threats

While welcoming the participation of the public across all channels, as this will provide an opportunity for effective interaction, the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources, will be obliged to remove any comments that contravene the above regulations or policy, specifically that:

  • Constitute a source of threat to security
  • Breach public morality
  • Violate privacy
  • Harm or defame others
  • Promote subversive ideas
  • Are against public taste, customs and traditions
  • Are contrary to the laws and regulations in force
  • Violate freedom of opinion and expression
  • Broadcast racism on the basis of religion, race, or color
  • Irrelevant to the Authority’s work

In the event of any of the above-mentioned or other similar breaches, the Authority will take appropriate actions, according to regulations set forth in this regard, including removal of comments from some sites and ignoring or even blocking others, if necessary. The Authority encourages exchange of views based on respect for others' opinions, towards improved services to all users and customers.

Response Policy


The Authority responds to general inquiries received through X directly. Specialized legal consultancy inquiries will need two working days to be answered


Used by the Authority for posting initiatives, photos, news, etc. Responding to inquiries will take one working day


Used by the Authority for posting initiatives, photos, news, etc. Responding to inquiries and questions within 24 hours


Used by the Authority for posting news updates, reports, images and graphics related to the growth and development of human capital, as well as taking comments of audience, and responding to questions within 24 hours


Used by the Authority for the showcasing short films, videos, documentaries on its activities and events

Blog site

Through it, the Authority publishes general and specialized topics related to its initiatives, human resources policies, legislation and systems, and best practices for human capital growth and development

Instant chat program

Used by the Authority to receive questions and queries of the public through the website about various aspects of its work and systems, and respond immediately to senders during official working days.

To review the Social Media Guidelines for the UAE Government developed by the UAE e-Government Team, Click Here