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The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources: The Youth Council for Government Talents embodies the directives of the wise leadership

Thursday October 06, 2022

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) continues to launch creative initiatives and strategic projects that serve the UAE's directions towards the development and promotion of the human capital in the Federal Government. The most recent of these endeavors is the Youth Council for Government Talents, which is launched in cooperation with the Federal Youth Foundation.

The Council aims to support the young government talents and engage them in shaping the future of the government top talents and human resources, as well as policy-making and development of the government human capital system, based on youth visions, aspirations and innovative ideas.

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources manages the Youth Council for Government Talents, which is concerned with a set of responsibilities and tasks, including researching trends of interest to young people in government work, innovating solutions that contribute to promoting and supporting young Emirati talent, and designing future policies for the government human resources system that supports youth, creating a youth-friendly government work system and enabling this active group in society to formulate future human resources policies, government guidelines and develop human capital to achieve global leadership in areas of interest to young people

This project reflects the Authority's eagerness to listen to the voice of the youth and adopt their development proposals, in order to achieve a stimulating and an attractive governmental working environment for talents and skills. This demonstrates the great in the youth group by the Wise Leadership, which always gives directions to support the youth in order to increase their preparedness for the future, build young government leaders, strengthen their role and benefit from the ideas and potential of young people who represent the real United Arab Emirates wealth and the engine for development and building the future.

The Youth Council for Government Talents constitutes a platform through which young government talents are involved in creating solutions and developing policies that support and enhance human resources in the Federal Government, in cooperation with the Authority's experienced and specialized partners.

The Youth Council for Government Talents includes a selection of young national talents from the UAE government employees, who were selected from more than 50 candidates from 30 federal entities who presented more than 120 ideas to develop and improve future government talents.


H.E. Laila Obaid Al Suwaidi

Acting Director-General

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources