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The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources: FAHR Smart Application marks a qualitative leap in the Federal Government's Work System

Monday August 08, 2022

Since its launch in 2014, the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources' Smart Application (FAHR), has proven to be a qualitative leap in the work system of the federal government.  Thanks to FAHR App, the traditional human resources procedures in ministries and federal entities have become a thing of the past, as the Application provides the opportunity for federal government employees to complete their human resources procedures on their own, without the need for human intervention by HR departments, to enable these departments to focus on more strategic tasks, responsibilities and projects within the organization.

The Authority's smart application, which serves more than 40 ministries and federal entities, and provides dozens of services related to smart human resources systems and procedures in the federal government, witnessed a great interaction by all employees during the current year.  Files were uploaded into the app. 18,000 times, and the federal government employees used it to perform more than 105,000 HR procedures, 18,000 of which were to obtain "To Whom It May Concern" letters.

To reflect its keenness to develop its smart App. and diversify the services provided, the Authority launched a package of new services for the federal government employees through it during 2022. These new services included electronic signature on contracts and ministerial decisions, performance evaluation for the new employees during the probationary period, requesting to work remotely on Friday, in line with the new workweek adopted by the UAE Government for the federal government employees, and the flexibility granted to certain categories of employees to work remotely on this day. 

It should be noted that the Authority had instructed, earlier last year, the federal government employees to take a set of steps related to COVID-19 pandemic, such as: uploading the result of COVID-19 test, entering vaccination certificate into the HR Management Information System (Bayanati), as well as recording cases of infection, or contact with infected persons.

FAHR App. constitutes a unified smart platform that allows federal government employees to complete all human resources transaction on their own using their mobile devices. To give employees more support, the Authority provided many innovative services for them via the smart App., including: electronic recording of attendance and departure, issuing an e-business card, searching for vacancies in the federal government, and facilitating the application process for job seekers.

The most prominent HR procedures that are provided through the Authority's smart app.  include viewing attendance and departure records, requesting leave, requesting a salary certificate, experience certificate, issuing letters to whom it may concern, and requesting legal advice about the HR laws, policies and legislation in the federal government, the completion of all stages of performance management system and creation of their individual development plans.

FAHR App. also provides a package of e-services for federal government employees, such as: displaying and updating personal documents, and requesting a technical support service; to assist ministries and federal entities in implementing various HR procedures, searching for employees in the federal government and communicating with them via e-mail, as well as nominating federal government employees under Rewards and Incentives System, and viewing the job description card.

Federal government employees and customers alike can greatly benefit from the services provided by the Authority, whether through the Customer Happiness System, or the FAHR Smart App at any time and from anywhere in the world.


Asem Ahmad AL Awadhi

Director, HR Information System Department

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources