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FAHR: Customer Happiness System... An interactive electronic Portal for the Authority's services

Tuesday July 12, 2022

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR), is keen to keep pace with the directions and aspirations of the UAE's wise leadership about automating government services and transforming them into smart ones, in order to make things easier for customers and increase their satisfaction. This keenness was translated to the launch of the Customer Happiness System by FAHR in 2019, which constitutes an interactive electronic platform with customers, incorporating all the services it provides to them.

The Customer Happiness System is a highly developed service platform, through which the Authority provides high quality services to ministries, federal entities, private sector institutions and the public, under one umbrella.

What distinguishes the system is that it allows customers to evaluate the services provided to them, make observations on them, and submit development proposals, which the Authority takes into consideration in developing the system and improving the quality of services.

The system provides a package of services directed mainly to all ministries and federal entities, in addition to private sector institutions and the public. The Customer Happiness System is an integrated electronic portal through which the Authority provides the necessary support to the ministries and federal entities, to operate and maintain all electronic Human Resources Systems under the umbrella of HR Management Information System "Bayanati", including: HR Self-Service, e-Performance Management and Training & Development for federal government employees, e-Employment System, HR procedure and Smart Reports Systems, Job Evaluation and Description System, Attendance System, Manpower Planning, and e-Approvals System.



Since the launch of Customer Happiness System, the Authority was keen to provide all its electronic and interactive services through the system which are: (Services provided via FAHR Smart Application, inquiry about HR Policies and Legislation in the Federal Government, training request on HR Legislation and Systems, services related to the e-learning Portal "Al Mawrid", technical support request for the Government Skills Bank Portal, Reviewing and approving organizational Structures of the federal entities and support request for HR enablers.

 In 2021, the system witnessed a great progress and extraordinary interaction by the federal government employees. It received more than 13,691 technical support requests, 9440 of which were on technical support related to the federal government's HR Information Management System "Bayanati", 2,356 inquiries related to HR laws, policies and legislation at the federal government level, while 1305 support requests received about Job Evaluation and Description and 191 support requests on the Federal Government e-learning Portal "Al Mawrid".


H.E Ibrahim Ahmed Fikri

Executive Director of Support Services Sector

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resource