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The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources: The HR Club acts as an intellectual platform for professionals and those interested in human resources and institutional services

Friday June 17, 2022

The Human Resources Club, established in 2010, represents a dream that became a reality. The Club grew faster than expected and reached what it is today, as one of the key strategic initiatives of the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources.

Since its inception, the Human Resources Club has received great popularity, with the number of its members and associates increasing daily, to reach more than 12,000, including HR professionals and those interested in the field from all work sectors inside and outside the country.


The Club now forms a knowledge sharing platform that brings together HR specialists and people interested in human capital development under one roof, to exchange ideas, experiences and solutions that would enhance the roles assigned to HR Departments, institutional services, etc. in various sectors of the country.


FAHR has been organizing periodic sessions for the HR Club, in which it hosts experts and specialists locally, regionally and globally, to share their best practices, experiences and expertise to the Club's members.  Dozens of HR physical forums were held during the past years, before turning into virtual recently, thus reaching out to larger audience from around the world, and the ability to host more international speakers.


Every day, the HR Club witnesses a remarkable increase in the number of members and those interested in attending its virtual sessions, to discuss new topics of interest to experts and specialists of Human Resources and Public Administration.

The experience of the live broadcast of the Club's sessions received overwhelming popularity and remarkable interaction from the Federal Government employees, members of the Club and those interested in its mission.


During 2021, for example, 7 sessions were held, followed by approximately 43,000 people, to discuss many important topics, such as: Information Security, Business Sustainability, Transformation into a Learning Organization, Empowerment of Entrepreneurship, Psychological Well-being and Coping with COVID-19 Pandemic, and the Future of Job Interviews using AI Techniques.


The Club membership is open free of charge for those interested in Human Resources, Public Administration Institutional Support and other relevant fields. The Club is keen to communicate with its affiliates through website, e-mail, and various social networking channels. Those interested can apply for membership through: The Authority website:  fahr.gov.ae  , or the Club e-mail:  HRClub@fahr.gov.ae    



Salwa Abdullah,

Director of Projects and Programs Department