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Federal Authority for Government Human Resources: Integration and Strategic Partnerships Locally and Globally

Sunday October 10, 2021

Since its inception, the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) has been working hard to build strong partnerships and cooperation with the parties that have the same business and goals, in a manner that are in line with the county's interest. The purpose is to maintain a professional image for the Authority, helps in achieve its strategic objectives, and develop HR systems, legislation and procedures provided to Federal Government employees.

The Authority's partnerships over the past years extended to cover all work sectors, inside and outside the country. They included cooperation with several federal and local government entities, as well as private sector establishments, academic institutions, expert houses, and Arab and international governments, recognizing the importance of sharing experiences and transferring expertise and knowledge, for the purpose of developing   human capital.

In order to strengthen its partnerships, the Authority reviews the results of these partnerships to measure the percentage of objectives achieved, and the mechanisms used to ensure the continuity of operations, to achieve the best communication with the partners.

Furthermore, the Authority has developed a mechanism for managing the relationship with partners, to strengthening partnerships and maximizing their benefits. The mechanism identified the types of partnerships, and frameworks for dealing with partners, whether through work teams, agreements, memoranda of understanding, and so on.


Undoubtedly, the partnership agreements have greatly contributed to enabling the Authority to launch several initiatives that need technical or material support, preserve intellectual property rights for all parties, and help develop various projects, initiatives and systems. They also helped establish mechanisms to recognize the partners' efforts and strengthen cooperation with them. The Authority honors its partners on an annual basis.

The Authority's success in managing its relationship with partners enabled it to review the UAE's experience in the field of human capital development in countries like Jordan, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, through field visits or via virtual meetings. The Authority also represents the country in many external committees at the regional level.


Maitha Ahmed Kolthoum,

Director of Strategy and Future Department,

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources