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FAHR: Maintaining Federal Government employees' mental health under the "Hayat" Smart App

Tuesday June 08, 2021

FAHR: Maintaining Federal Government employees' mental health under the "Hayat" Smart App

To confirm its concern for the human element as one of the most important pillars of HR system, as well as to provide every kind of support help progress of government work, the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources launched, during the emergence of Coronavirus (COVID- 19) pandemic, "Hayat" program, to ensure business continuity and service provision, and to maintain the health and safety of employees and their families.

Hayat program is aimed at promoting the mental and moral health of Federal Government employees, and has been launched in partnership with the Life Works Corporation, to form a reliable facility specialized in providing psychological and moral support to employees by highly qualified and experienced consultants.

The program provides free consultations for Federal Government employees,  via e-mail, phone, or WhatsApp service, with all guarantees of privacy and personal data confidentiality, in collaboration with Life Works Corporation, specialized in mental health.

Hayat program aims to increase efficiency and productivity by reducing work and life challenges, as well as improve quality of life and work environment, thus achieving the required work-life balance and supporting employee mental health.

It also helps in building strong relationships between employees, as well as promote team spirit, institutional loyalty, employee engagement, leading to increasing productivity, by enabling employees to progress in their professional lives, and developing their skills continuously, driven by recognizing their achievements.

The success of the program was culminated in the launch of its smart application "Hayat", through which all psychological support services can be viewed and taken advantage of. Each employee is given 4 free consultations, in addition to a 30% discount on counseling and psychological support services for his family members.

Moreover, Federal Government employees can assess their own mental health by completing a short questionnaire designed for this purpose: https://www.lifeworksclinic.com/fahr-chech-in-en, and then obtain a free 30-minute counseling session with a Life Works specialist, at a time that suits them.

They can also contact the health center and benefit from mental health support services for free, through the following approved communication channels: email: FAHR@lifeworks.ae, toll-free number: 800-543396757, phone / Whatsapp: 054 704 1783/052 939 6126, and Smart App. "Hayat".


Salwa  Abdalla 

Director of Projects and Programs Department,

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources