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FAHR: February and March .. Innovation and Reading

Sunday March 21, 2021

The UAE is places the human element at the top of all other priorities, based on its firm belief that it is a key factor for any comprehensive sustainable development. Unlike the other world countries, the UAE designates a month for innovation and another for reading, in an effort to make this approach a social norm.

Certainly, innovation and reading as practice are not limited to the months of February and March only, as all seasons of the year in the UAE are full of various specialized activities: cultural, scientific, economic, social and humanitarian. The great support given to innovation and reading, however, reflect the deep concern of the country's wise leadership with spreading awareness and knowledge, as well as their importance in driving the wheel of advancement and development.

In February this year, the UAE organized an Innovation Week, to emphasize  the support given to innovation and innovators, in order to achieve the country's global leadership and enhance its competitiveness on the world map in various fields.


On the other hand, March has been designated as UAE Reading Month under the slogan “My Family Reads”, to reflect the interest of the UAE’s leadership in science and knowledge, and lead to the habit of reading as a way of life.


This national event is mainly intended to raising a society’s awareness through acquiring scientific thinking and knowledge. Moreover, it helps preserve the national gains at cultural and intellectual levels, leading to an educated generation capable of taking up leadership toward a brighter future.


The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources reacted with the two events with preparing diverse agenda of activities. During Innovation Week, eight major innovation activities were carried out, and at the time the Authority launched the digital transformation strategy in the field of human resources.


In Reading Month, a series of initiatives and cultural and knowledge events that would enrich the federal government employees’ knowledge in general and those of the Authority in particular, and motivating them to read specialized and general, as a culture and a daily habit.



Khaled Al Mazmi,

Director of Strategy and Future Department

The Federal Authority for Governmental Human Resources