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FAHR:2020: An Exceptional Year with Great Achievements

Sunday January 17, 2021

The year 2020 has significantly impacted the whole world, with all the challenges that followed the emergence of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, which cast its shadows on various walks of life. The pandemic’s outbreak has  undoubtedly affected all business sectors negatively, prompting governments to take various precautionary measures. Here in the United Arab Emirates, for example, extraordinary efforts were made, to encounter that critical situation, as well as to ensure a balance between protecting the health and safety of society on the one hand, and business continuity and provision of services to the public on the other hand.


These efforts paid dividends to a large extent, thanks to the wise vision of our leadership and the country’s strong technological infrastructure. Education and normal business continued as usual and never stopped, especially the Federal Government level, due to a determination to take prompt and  right decisions by the competent authorities, with the availability of Technological tools and automated Human Resources Systems.


In the meantime, the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources had a large and important role in dealing with the situation and undermining the repercussions of the disease at the Federal Government level. During  2020, the Authority adopted investment in digital Human Resources Solutions, including the development of its existing systems and launching new ones, in order to overcome the crisis imposed by the pandemic, and turn its challenges into opportunities, and this is what actually happened.


Last year, the Authority was able to successfully maintain safe continuity of business, as well as training and development processes at the Federal Government level. Many strategic initiatives and projects were accomplished, including but not limited to, the digitization of Human Resources Systems and their transformation into smart, in an effort to participate in shaping a prosperous future, keeps pace with change, and respond to the directions of the wise leadership, and aspirations of the country at large.


Dr. Abdulrahman Abdul Manan Al Awar,

Director General of the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources