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FAHR: UAE and Investment in the Human Element

Monday October 07, 2019

The United Arab Emirates has been occupying a leading position in the field of Human Development. It ranked first among Arab countries and assumes a leading position internationally. According to Human Development Report 2018 issued by the United Nations.  This achievement would not have been possible without the efforts and guidance of our wise leadership, which accords  human resources the utmost care and support, and believes in the importance of investing in human capital as a top priority.   The UAE Government’s efforts to support human resources include focusing on nurturing human capital and providing it with necessary knowledge and skills to become capable of shaping the future and keeping abreast of the rapidly changing technological developments, locally and around the world


Undoubtedly the question of investment in human capital and its development was not the result of the moment practice, but the everyday dedication for decades. Indeed it is a cumulative process that needs tireless efforts and insightful vision, relying on skills and knowledge of  highly qualified and talented human resources, as well as a supportive   environment. More importantly, it needs a special focus on human element as the most important resource for the progress of peoples and nations


The UAE’s experience provides a unique model for investing in the human element, besides its interest in urban development, architecture, civilization, tourist attraction, as well as diversification of resources and economy. This was clearly reflected in how the UAE rose to the top in international rankings at all levels, and in its present status as a beacon for creativity and innovation, as well as destination for the aspiring dreamers at the regional and global levels


In view of the foregoing, all UAE institutions work together in harmony to launch and implement innovative initiatives with the ultimate goal of  nurturing talent, and encouraging innovation and creativity, in order to  achieve the UAE Vision 2021

which inspires to see the UAE one the best countries in the world at that time


H.E Dr. Abdulrahman Abdul Mannan Al Awar

Director General

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources